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EVERYTHING from Renault together again! September 17th & 18th 2022

It was 't 2 but 4 years that we had to wait for the 5th Renaultoloog Festival. In 2020 we planned the 5th anniversary edition but because of Covid-19 it couldn't take place. Finally it was the best option because of the Corona situation at that time. It was also planned to be the first time on a new location in Evertsoord, there where we now have our 2-yearly road trip. We were very happy that we got the possibility to come back to the good old location in Kronenberg. At last it would become one of the toughest editions to organize.

It all started in February, the situation about Corona was in control en the world situation stable. Until in March the mess in Ukraine started with much uncertainty and inflation due to that. Fuelprices went to record heights etc. If those were the reasons that the number of subscriptions and  overnight stay registrations stayed low could be possible. The number of subscriptions always stayed about 50 vehicles behind from 2018 at the same time and the number of overnight stay registrations didn't get the amount we expected. In 2018 all 80 overnight stay spots were sold out, so that is why we want to let it grow to 100 in 2022, but we didn't get any further than 60 booked places. On the other hand the number of traders was higher than in 2018, all places were sold out one month before the start of the festival. The road to the festival was very uncertain, how do we manage to be able to pay al the (rised) costs? One of the issues was reducing costs, no space for extras en make the best deals with our providers. But when a week before the weather forecast showed up and rain was expected for both days,it is began to look like a very tough edition. The previous 4 festival had dry weather conditions, even very sunny.


So I decided to make a plan B, specially for the traders that were planned outside. Most of them prefered to stay at the building, resulting in as much as possible traders inside. This change of plans costed much time and energy, and the festival hadn't even started yet. What kept in my mind was questions like "how are the people gonna react to these weather conditions?", "how is the terrain gonna cope to these circumstances?" and "what is it gonna do to our revenue?" This revenue is an import income for us. All questions are answered now, the people react positive, make the best of it, but there were more young than old Renaults. The field is just awesome, the 20mm rain on Sunday disappeared easily in the soil. Finally only one truck needed to be towed away from the grounds because it was stuck, fortunately we had some big Renault tractors to pull it out easy. The number of participants was lower than expected, but higher than we hoped! The revenue was clearly to low, luckily we became help from some initiatives so we could pay al the costs. For us reason to believe that the festival is loved and must exist in future! The festival itselves went very good, 411 participating vehichles (94 different types), the building had a good atmosphere, the terrain was quite full and people from over 10 countries were able to meet each other again after 4 years. Many nice pictures were made, a selection is gathered in a nice album you can see below.

But the Renaultoloog Festival could'nt exist without the help of our many volunteers! Many thanks go out to all of them who helped us to make this festival a big succes! I want to thank also stichting Ruiterbelangen Sevenum, Renaultdealer Janssen-Kerres, Autobedrijf Strijbosch, Renault Nederland, Nebim groep, Renault Trucks Nederland, Club d'Anciennes des Pays Bas, Team Auto Obermann, Familie Dijkstra, all traders, providers, all participants and everyone who made this 5th festival to a succes!


Renaultoloog Festival vehicle guestlist

411 participating vehicles (94 different types)

3   4CV   1   Dauphine   2  




18   R4   11   Espace       Alouette       55
6   R4 F4/F6   1   Express       Avia   1   56
24   R5   2   Fluence   1   B70   1   (4)80
    R6   7   Fuego       Dodge   1   89
    R7       Juvaquatre   11   Estafette   1   301
2   R8   4   Kadjar   1   Goelette       304E
2   R9   9   Kangoo       Mascott   1   361
    R10       Koleos   8   Master   1   421m
5   R11   13   Laguna   7   Trafic   2   461s
4   R12   35   Mégane   4   Saviem SG       551s
    R14   1   Modus       Winnebago       651s
2   R15       Monaquatre       ABGD   1   751s
3   R16       Primaquatre   4   AE   1  


7   R17   2   Rodeo       C-serie       1451-4
2   R18   4   Safrane   1   CBH       3042
4   R19   10   Scénic       G-serie       3046
2   R20       Sport Spider   1   D Wide   1   7022
6   R21   4   Talisman   2   JK/JN   1  


7   R25   1   Type NN   2   Kerax   1   Ares
    R30   27   Twingo       K-serie   1   Ceres
    Alpine A110   2   Twizy       M-serie   3   D16
5   Alpine A310   7   Vel Satis   13   Magnum   1   D22
1   Alpine A610   1   Vivasport   2   (D) Midlum   2   E30
2   Alpine GTA   14   Wind   1   Premium   1   E72
5   A110 2017   1   Zoe   2   R-serie   1   Master
    Alliance               S-serie       MX/ME
2   Arkana           4   T-low   1   N72
3   Avantime   5   Dacia       T-high   1   N73
8   Captur               Berliet   1   PE
2   Caravelle   OTHER   4   Mack       Standard 4
20   Clio   1   Cycles           1   Super
    Colorale   1   (1) cylinder   1   Illiade bus   1   TX/TS/TL
            Snecma V12           2   TZ/TZ Nectra
                        1   V72



Parts, books & miniatures trade


Janssen-Kerres Venlo, Autobedrijf Strijbosch Venray, Nebim Groep Venlo




Renaultoloog & Ferdinand Dijkstra



List of participating club members:

Renault Oldie Club Eifel, DE Renault 15/17 vriendenclub, NL
Renault Oldtimer und Youngtimer Club IG Elbmarsch,DE Renault Club Düren e.V., DE
Club d'Anciennes Renault, NL Renault Wind club, NL
Renault Car Club Czech, CZ TwingoClubTour, NL
Renault Club Nord Schwarzwald, DE Renault 4L Club België


Renograaf 256 (Haico Zijlstra)

Renograaf 257 (Dave Vrijaldenhoven)

Losange Magazine 64



Online Photo album:

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